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Zhejiang Ruiling Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Linhai City, a beautiful thousand-year-old city in the southeast of Zhejiang Province. The company was founded in 2014. It is a professional manufacturer of aluminum parts and aluminum forgings integrating R&D, forging, heat treatment and finishing. manufacturer. At present, the company mainly produces aluminum (aluminum alloy forging) auto parts, motorcycle parts, electric scooter parts, spray gun series.


Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the quality policy of "quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and excellence", and has accumulated rich customer resources in the same industry. And brand reputation, Luxing Auto Parts has become a competitive well-known enterprise in the domestic aluminum parts manufacturing industry.


In order to develop and adapt to the development of the global market, the company has strengthened the transformation of production technology, invested tens of millions of yuan to introduce advanced fine processing lines at home and abroad, and entered the international market, using advanced technological processes and testing methods.


In addition, the company has a professional mold design and development team, UG, CAPIA, CAD, CAXA computer-aided design, which makes the company management tend to be standardized, systematic and modern. Over the years, the company has always regarded "let customers trust us" as our corporate mission, "integrity, responsibility, enterprising and harmonious" as the code of conduct for LUXING people, and "providing opportunities for employees, providing services for customers, and serving the society" Create prosperity" as the business purpose of the enterprise, introduce and cultivate various high-tech talents, continuously improve the management level and improve customer service.



Business philosophy

Produce customer-satisfied products and create a win-win situation

Business management

Scientific management, people-oriented

Staff management

The company pays attention to cultivating a high-quality workforce and establishing a good corporate image

The company pays attention to cultivating a high-quality workforce, establishes a good corporate image, and attaches great importance to harmonious labor relations and "people-oriented" in corporate management. The company has created a good mechanism suitable for all kinds of talents to play. Respect knowledge, respect talents, and insist on finding, cultivating and using talents as the foothold of all work of the enterprise through the forms of "retaining talents for career, mechanism and emotion". The company's trade union is responsible for cultural construction, strengthening staff training, setting up staff activity venues, and planning various forms of staff leisure activities. Enable employees to work honestly, strive for innovation, and live in harmony, forming a corporate atmosphere of unity, progress, and positiveness.




Zhe Jiang RuiLing Technology Co.,LTD

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